Team CES Reads 2018-19

Team CES Reads

2018 - 2019

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This year, the entire community of Chesnee Elementary School is reading

The Boxcar Children 
by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Students, parents, and staff will read or listen to one chapter each night, discussing, writing about, and drawing about what you've learned from the main characters. These children will teach us about caring for others, hard work, innovation, and surviving in the world. 

Happy Reading Team CES!!!


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About the Series 

Audio and Discussion Questions

NOTE: When you click on a link for a chapter, your device may prompt you to DOWNLOAD the audio file in order to listen to it.

  • Wed., Sept. 12 Chapter I (1): The Four Hungry Children............p. 7
    • Why did Jessie choose to buy the bread, when the children had been thinking about the cake and cookies?
    • Think of a time when you had to choose something you needed over something you wanted? Write about the situation, and how you felt.
  • Thurs., Sept. 13 Chapter II (2): Night is Turned into Day...............p. 16
    • The children in the story were so thankful for simple things, like a water fountain and beds made of pine needles.
    • What are some things that you use every day that you forget to be thankful for? Make a list, and then hang it up somewhere you will see it. Remember to be thankful each day.
  • Mon., Sept. 17 Chapter III (3): A New Home in the Woods...........p. 27
    • Can you imagine what life would be like if you lived in a boxcar?
    • Talk about the similarities and differences between your home and the boxcar home the children lived in.
  • Tues., Sept. 18 Chapter IV (4): Henry Has Two Surprises..............p.34
    • The children had to do their chores much differently than you do.
    • Write or draw about the way the boxcar children would have to do the following chores: laundry, dishes, floors, making the bed, cooking
  • Wed., Sept. 19 Chapter V (5): The Explorers Find Treasure..........p. 45
    • When you hear the word “treasure” what do you think about? What did the children consider to be treasures? Why?
    • Think of some things that you waste or throw away that other people might treasure. Make a list.
    • Do you have anything that you could donate to someone?
  • Thurs., Sept. 20 Chapter VI (6): A Queer Noise in the Night............p.57
    • Henry worked hard to provide for his family. How do the people in your family provide for you?
    • Write a note of thanks to someone in your family. Thank them for the things they do for you.
  • Mon., Sept. 24 Chapter VII (7): A Big Meal from Little Onions........p. 69
    • Each of the children enjoyed their work. They were eager to work and help.
    • What are some jobs/chores you enjoy doing now?
  • Tues., Sept. 25 Chapter VIII (8): A Swimming Pool at Last...............p. 83
    • We see the theme of hard work repeated throughout The Boxcar Children. In this chapter, the children worked hard to create a swimming pool.
    • Write or draw about a time you worked hard to create something, then answer the following questions:
    • Did you enjoy the process? What problems did you need to solve as you worked? Did you enjoy the result more because you worked hard for it?
  • Wed., Sept. 26 Chapter IX (9): Fun in the Cherry Orchard...............p. 93
    • The doctor told the children, “You are better than most workers, because you are so happy.” Do you agree with him? Does a happy attitude make someone a better worker? Would you rather work with someone who was happy or upset?
    • List some ways you can work to improve your attitude during tasks/jobs you may not like.
  • Thurs., Sept. 27 Chapter X (10): Henry and the Free-for-All..............p. 101
    • Henry wanted to run in the race, even though he didn’t think he could win. Do you choose activities because you are good at them, or because they make you happy?
    • During the race, Henry began to think about what the $25 could do for his family. The thought of earning the money to help his sisters and brother helped him to run faster. What motivates you?
  • Mon., Oct. 1 Chapter XI (11): The Doctor Takes a Hand...............p. 117
    • Dr. Moore knew exactly where the children lived. How do you think he knew where they had been staying?
  • Tues., Oct. 2 Chapter XII (12): James Henry and Henry James.....p. 128
    • The children had wrongly believed their grandfather was a mean man. Have you ever judged someone without getting to know them?
  • Wed., Oct. 3 Chapter XIII (13): A New Home for the Boxcar...........p. 143
    • The Alden children had a happy ending to their story. What makes a happy ending?
    • Write a few sentences about how each of the main characters contributed to a happy ending.

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See if you can guess who the "Mystery Reader" is for each chapter!

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